Museum-a-Month Project: An Introduction

Museum-a-Month Project is a project we came up with, since February 2014. We thought that museums in the Philippines nowadays are included in the unpopular places to go. People do not go there unless it’s for an educational trip or certain requirement for a subject area.

Some museums are well-maintained, while some others are not. That saddens us because museums in other countries, specifically in Europe and in the United States, based on photos and videos of their museum goers, are still top tourist destinations and are still well-maintained since they preserve, store and exhibit various valuable cultural, scientific, historical and artistic objects of interest.

The main goal of this project is to showcase different museums in the country, starting from the ones in the National Capital Region (otherwise known as Metro Manila), including photos, our insights and some information that will hopefully be helpful to you and ourselves alike.

To date, we have crossed out 27 different museums (Updated: May 3, 2016) from the list of many museums in the metro, apart from those in the provinces. We hope to give you short yet beautiful think pieces of the museums we’ve been to and provide you with details, in case we have also enticed you to those places as well. Again, as we may have mentioned in the “About” section of our blog, we are no photographers, no historians, nor professional bloggers; but comments, suggestions and constructive criticisms are welcome.


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