National Museum’s 114th Anniversary

On October 29, 1901, the National Museum of the Philippines was established.

The Old Legislative Building, which now houses the National Museum, after its destruction during the battle of Manila in World War II. (Original Photo from Life Magazine)

Here is a part of the history of the National Museum from

The National Museum of the Philippines can trace its history to the establishment of the Museo-Biblioteca de Filipinas, established by a royal order of the Spanish government on August 12, 1887. It opened on October 24, 1891 at the Casa de la Moneda on Calle Cabildo in Intramuros, then home of the Philippine Mint, later moving to Calle Gunao in Quiapo. The Museo-Biblioteca was abolished in 1900 at the onset of the American occupation of the Philippines, and what is considered the direct precursor of the National Museum, the Insular Museum of Ethnology, Natural History and Commerce, was soon afterwards established under the Department of Public Instruction by the Philippine Commission on October 29, 1901. One of the reasons for the creation of the Insular Museum was to complement the Bureau of Non-Christian Tribes, and it was subsequently integrated with the Bureau of Ethnological Survey under the Department of the Interior.


Take advantage of the free admission until October 31, 2014! But remember, you have to be there before 4:30pm to enjoy the exhibits and installations, before it closes at 5pm. Come early to avoid the long queues!


Read all about the National Museum of the Philippines here.


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