Manuel Quezon Memorial Shrine Museum

Ever noticed that obelisk or monument in the center of the Quezon Memorial Circle?


That is a museum. Yes, a museum. That is the Manuel Quezon Memorial Shrine Museum. Actually, it is a mausoleum, where it contains the remains and memorabilia of the father of Quezon City, the First President of the Commonwealth, Manuel Luis Quezon.



The monument consists of 3 Pylons signifying the main geographical divisions of the country (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao) and stands 66meters (217 feet) as it represents his age at the time of his death. His wife, First Lady Aurora Aragon Quezon’s remains was interred there as well.

The newly-renovated and modernized museum was opened to the public again on the 19th of August 2015, which is also the commemoration of President Quezon’s 137th birthday.


Because the museum doesn’t require any fees, and by that time, there was an event at the Circle, the museum visitors come and go as they please. Though there were a few security guards reminding the visitors where the entrances and exits are, we still feel that, because of the lack of manpower, there hasn’t been an enforcement of proper museum decorum. It saddened us because it was the first time that we have seen such incident. We hope that in the future, there will be a proper way to handle huge numbers of museum visitors and instill them the proper decorum, even in a free admission museum.

A replica of the bed used by Doa Aurora Quezon


Gallery of Dona Aurora Quezon
Audio-Visual Room
Main Gallery
President Manuel L. Quezon
Gold Inlaid Chest – Repository of the 1935 Constitution
Commonwealth Dry Seal
The Philippine Flag draped on the casket of President Manuel Quezon during his funeral cortege to Manila North Cemetery




Manuel Quezon Memorial Shrine Museum (Museo ni Manuel Quezon)
Quezon City Memorial Circle, Elliptical Road, Quezon City
(632) 377-5494 / 264-2325 / (+63) 9178519548
Museum Hours: Tuesdays – Sundays, 8am to 4pm (Closed on Mondays)


Admission Fees:

Admission is free, but donations are accepted.


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