Batlag Falls

Just across a bamboo bridge in Daranak, we found this alleyway to Batlag Falls. We have already read it somewhere, but we never thought we can get there through Daranak. This is another entrance fee we are talking about, but we went on anyway because the people from the main gate told us that it is more quiet up there.


After paying the entrance fee, we climbed up the slope and a few stairs, and there we saw the cottages in green paint. There are markers to tell you how to get to the falls, comfort rooms, etc.


We went down to where the water is shallow and only with a few people lounging. We walked towards the direction of the falls, and passed by a more people, but significantly less than in Daranak. The falls were divided into two areas. The shallow area, where the main falls is, has a water level is just above 4 feet, so people can swim or take a dip. The other area is, we think, a little over 5 feet. The water is definitely colder up there, because of the fewer bunch of people and the gust of the wind.





There are portalets to use and shower rooms for men and women. However, the showers are not working, that’s why we needed to use a water drum and a water dipper to take a bath. Sadly, there are only a few of those facilities, so people will have to wait for their turn. The other cubicles can be used as changing rooms, though. In Daranak, there were long queues for the shower rooms, both for men and women, so we didn’t mind checking their bathroom situation. Nevertheless, be prepared to wait.

It is more enjoyable for us to stay at Batlag Falls since it is indeed more peaceful and possible for us to take a dip. Also, photo ops can be done with less photo bombs. We just hope that they can improve the bath/shower rooms to accommodate more people at the same time.

The travel guide can be read here and about Daranak falls here.


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