Travel Guide to Daranak and Batlag Falls

Daranak and Batlag Falls are nearby alternative places to beat the heat of the summer. Here is a guide that can [hopefully] help you:


As instructed on the Facebook page of Daranak Falls, we rode a jeepney to Starmall EDSA Shaw and took a van with the signboard Starmall EDSA Shaw to Tanay. The fare is PHP 70.00 (about $1.50) per head per way. You will have to wait until the van is full though. From there, the travel time will be approximately 2 hours, depending on the traffic situation. Alight at the Tanay Public Market Transport Terminal and there, take the tricycle to Daranak Falls.

The tricycle fare is PHP 200.00 (about $4.27) per way for a maximum of 4 people per tricycle. Take note that even if you are a solo traveler, they will still charge you that amount. Beware of the drivers who charge more than that. You can always refuse and take another tricycle. From the transport terminal, it will take you about 10-15 minutes to get to Daranak.

Outside the main entrance of Daranak are tricycles waiting for passengers. The fare is the same and you will also alight on the Transport Terminal again. There may be limited vans available, especially if it’s late in the afternoon already. So leave the falls early if possible.

Entrance Fee and Cottages
The entrance fee for Daranak is PHP 50.00 (about $1.07). A picnic table for smaller groups costs PHP 200.00 (about $4.27), and a cottage for bigger groups costs PHP 300.00 (about $6.40) However, it can all be fully occupied immediately and they do not allow reservations. Another option is to rent a locker for PHP 50.00 (about $1.07).

The entrance fee to Batlag is PHP 100.00 (about $2.13) per head. The cottage and picnic table fees are the same as those in Daranak, however there are no locker rentals.

Tip: Stock your things in a locker in Daranak and bring only what you need.

Inflatable Rubber Tubes
It is not advisable for children and non-swimmers to go alone or without floaters, especially in Daranak. The rental for each rubber tube is P40-50.00 (about $0.85-1.07) which you can use during your stay there. Another option is to go to the other parts of the area, where the shallow parts are.

They don’t charge corkage fees for packed meals, which is good as most people will prefer to bring their own food to cut down their expenses. There are canteens and stores inside as well, where you can buy food, drinks and souvenirs. There are also some vendors who walk around to sell ice cream, peanuts or balut.

In Batlag, the only store is the one at the main entrance.

We hope this helps! πŸ™‚

Here is the list of our expenses to help you set a ballpark figure:

Our budget:
Php140.00 Van from Starmall EDSA Shaw to Tanay (Php 70.00 / head)
Php200.00 Tricycle from Tanay Market Transport Terminal to Daranak Falls
Php100.00 Entrance fee for Daranak Falls (Php 50.00 / head)
Php50.00 Locker
Php200.00 Entrance fee for Batlag Falls (Php 100.00 / head)
Php200.00 Tricycle from Daranak Falls to Tanay Market Transport Terminal
Php140.00 Van from Tanay to Starmall EDSA Shaw
Php1,030.00 TOTAL EXPENSES FOR TWO PEOPLE (excluding food)

Daranak and Batlag Falls
Tandang Kutyo, Tanay, Rizal
Contact numbers: (+63) 922.7496574 / (+63) 998-9881590 / (+63) 917.5229024 / (+63) 936.2284173
Operating Hours: 8AM to 5PM, Daily


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