Museums for the Mind and Spirit

A good art collection is emblematic of the people collecting it. David Furnish

Our interest defines it and we unconsciously collect it either physically or in our minds. We invest in things that we love and have the passion for. It gives a sense of satisfaction to its owners or collectors whenever they come across a thing that they love. Hence, three museums in Marikina were established and it has since been called Museums for the Mind and Spirit. 

The Museums for the Mind and Spirit are located in Marikina Riverbanks Mall. For a minimal entrance fee, you can already enjoy the three museums: Museum of Miniatures, The Spirit of Bethlehem, and the Joey Velasco Gallery. We will feature two out of the three in this post.

Museum of Miniatures

It displays a number of tiny item collections by Aleli Vengua, a miniaturist. She’s involved with a life-like 1:1″ world that can be mind-boggling in detail and precision.


Her collection of perfectly-scaled miniatures is the envy of other collectors. Some are bought, and some are given by her friends. But mostly, she makes her own miniature collections.20171126_140943-012016125630.jpeg20171126_141513-011175447000.jpeg

There are glass shelf displays of the rooms of the house with tiny pieces of furniture which look exactly like the actual sizes of it. What’s more amazing is that even the slightest details of most of the mini figures are intricate.

A treasure trove of over 6,000 pieces of finely crafted miniature pieces put together in 24 rooms of a European mansion done by artisan and miniaturist, Ms. Aleli Vengua.


The Spirit of Bethlehem

Putting up a belen or a creche or tableau representing the Nativity scene is one of the traditions of most Filipino families. In this side of the museum, one can see different belens made from different materials such as wood, glass, clay, plaster of Paris, and even indigenous products like paper and leaves. In addition, each set is made locally and also from different places around the world.



It is a private collection of Gigi Abaya-Carlos of over 500 belens or nativity scenes/sets/paintings/posters and sculptures from different countries around the world. It represents a variety of pieces from the Philippines and abroad, collected through decades of devotion to the Infant Jesus, by Ms. Carlos.


As this collection signifies our beliefs, we should not forget to connect with our Lord, Jesus Christ our Savior through our faith directly by praying. Because in the end, what matters most is our relationship with Him.


This Christmas season, instead of going to the mall every day, try something different. Something that can remind you the true meaning of Christmas and something that can bring back childhood memories.


Museums for the Mind and Spirit 
2nd Level, E-com Building, Riverbanks Center, Barangka, Marikina City
(632) 5700701 loc. 334

The Spirit of Bethlehem and Museum of Miniatures
Museum Hours: Friday to Sunday, 8am – 5pm (Open to walk-ins and group tours); Monday to Thursday, Closed (Open to group tours of at least 50 people, with at least 3 days notice)

Admission Fees:

Php75 General admission
20% discount on regular fee Senior citizens with ID
FREE Teachers with ID

Joey Velasco Gallery
Museum Hours: Friday to Sunday, 8am – 5pm (Open to walk-ins and group tours)
Reservation and advance booking is recommended for a group of 50 persons or more.

Admission Fees:

Php120 General admission
20% discount on regular fee Senior citizens with ID
FREE Teachers with ID


Note: Call the office to check their holiday schedule prior to your visit to avoid inconvenience.


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