Philippine Aerospace Museum

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Many kids would definitely answer, “Pilot”

So, in order for us to help those kids with that high ambition, we visited the ONLY Aerospace museum in the Philippines, the Philippine Aerospace Museum located in the compound of the Philippine Airforce Headquarters in the City of Pasay.20180111_150847-01841220246.jpeg

Formerly named Nichols Field, (named after Captain Henry E. Nichols, a US Navy commander who served during the Philippine-American War) it was renamed after Jesus Villamor, one of the most prominent pilots in Philippine aviation history who served during World War II fighting the Japanese forces.img_20180111_151825-011792718101.jpeg

Showcasing artifacts used by PAF, this gallery is a great place for those interested in learning more about the culture and history of Philippine’s Air Force, aerospace science, and technology. It is an ideal visiting stopover for researchers, families, students, tourists as well as VIP guests. Artifacts and relics used during WWII, are among the exhibits throughout the building. Miniature airplanes as well as weaponry, such as vintage guns, are in glass-enclosed displays, as well as air force suits used in air defense and battle. Acquisitions highlighted include medals, wing badges, unit seals, and old uniforms. Historical records as well as framed pictures of all those involved in PAF, since its separate military service formed in 1947, adorn the walls.img_20180111_152132-01875006582.jpeg20180111_152523-011436990872.jpeg

An outdoor aircraft park displaying commercial planes, Air Force planes as well as helicopters are outside the building for visitors to explore. Situated throughout the lot, these aircraft demonstrate the Philippine aviation history.20180111_163933-011270124880.jpeg20180111_162108-011463520165.jpeg20180111_162146-01913347472.jpeg

Although it is the first and only aerospace museum in the country and it has an abundant historical value, we saw the lack of maintenance and innovation for a museum that claims itself to be a “science and technology museum”. For example, the glass encasements for the small-scale airplanes and medals aren’t properly wiped to clearly see the figures. Another thing is the old reproduced photos on display. We hope that they would at least reprint them to clearly see the information/history behind it. We were glad to have seen a few touchscreen tablets that could help a visitor see the pictures and read the history of a particular event though.20180111_154220-01742258569.jpeg

We would also like to point out the way how the museum personnel interacts with the guests/visitors of the museum. If you are a foreigner, you are expected to have a tour guide on your side to explain and tell you the story of Philippine Airforce; But if you are local, then you are not treated to as if everything is self-explanatory.

We have nothing against the museum or the management, but we hope our observations could help improve the way the place is run. This is not only for us but also for the new and returning visitors who will take a trip and get some knowledge from and about this place that is the Philippine Aerospace Museum.img_20180111_154433-011641257538.jpeg20180111_151554-01630945715.jpeg20180111_154435-011278448780.jpeg20180111_153035-01934460377.jpegimg_20180111_153556-011768899975.jpegimg_20180111_153008-01127402966.jpeg20180111_152851-01286925945.jpegimg_20180111_150913-01929809096.jpeg



Philippine Aerospace Museum
Sales Street corner Andrews Avenue, Villamor Air Base, Pasay City
Waze it. Google Maps it.
(632) 854-6729; Trunkline Nr: (632) 854-6701 Local: 6628 / 6638 / 6628 / 6828
Museum Hours: Mondays to Fridays 8Am-5pm and Saturdays at 8am-12nn. Closed on Sundays.


Admission Fees:

Php20 General admission fee

For tours, bookings, or inquiries, please call the numbers stated above.


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