International Museum Day 2016 – May 18, 2016

In recent years, almost 30,000 museums in more than 120 countries have organized activities for the International Museum Day. This year's theme is Museums and Cultural Landscapes, which aims to make museums responsible for their landscapes, asking them to contribute knowledge and expertise and take an active role in their management and upkeep. Museums must... Continue Reading →

Travel Guide to Daranak and Batlag Falls

Daranak and Batlag Falls are nearby alternative places to beat the heat of the summer. Here is a guide that can [hopefully] help you: Transportation As instructed on the Facebook page of Daranak Falls, we rode a jeepney to Starmall EDSA Shaw and took a van with the signboard Starmall EDSA Shaw to Tanay. The... Continue Reading →

Batlag Falls

Just across a bamboo bridge in Daranak, we found this alleyway to Batlag Falls. We have already read it somewhere, but we never thought we can get there through Daranak. This is another entrance fee we are talking about, but we went on anyway because the people from the main gate told us that it... Continue Reading →

Daranak Falls

Philippines is a tropical country and because of that, it is mostly warm during the year, especially in summer. This year is no different. In fact, the temperature reaches a high of around 40 degrees Celsius (but that's not considered warm, is it?) What can you do to beat the heat then? Go to the... Continue Reading →

Manuel Quezon Memorial Shrine Museum

Ever noticed that obelisk or monument in the center of the Quezon Memorial Circle? That is a museum. Yes, a museum. That is the Manuel Quezon Memorial Shrine Museum. Actually, it is a mausoleum, where it contains the remains and memorabilia of the father of Quezon City, the First President of the Commonwealth, Manuel Luis... Continue Reading →

Marikina Shoe Museum

Marikina City is better known in the Philippines as the nation's shoe capital, wherein shoe-making is the main industry, and that you can buy locally-made footwear at a very affordable price, with world-class quality. Having said so, it is just fitting (no pun intended) to put up a shoe museum in the same city. Originally... Continue Reading →

March is Women’s Month

The artwork is a detail from the "Modern Maria Clara" (1958) by National Artist Victorio Edades (1895-1985). © Aissa Domingo and the National Museum of the Philippines (2016) The National Museum of the Philippines invites women and girls of all ages to visit for FREE. Go visit the branches of the National Museum during your... Continue Reading →

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