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Rizal’s Ancestral House Laguna

Every December 30, we Filipinos celebrate the Martyrdom of our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. To give you a little background, Dr. Rizal is our national hero, who fought the Spanish government by non-violent means like propaganda movement and thru literature. He is most familiar with his 2 books, the NOLI ME TANGERE (Touch me not) and its sequel, EL FILIBUSTERISMO (The Filibustering) in which he showed the tyranny and mistreatment of the Spanish government to the Filipinos.


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Casa Santa

As museum goers, we usually have this notion that a museum is and will be about History (artifacts), and the Arts (paintings). But this time, we found a museum that is neither of the two. It also coincides on the favorite and the longest season for us Filipinos, Christmas Season.


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Travel Guide to Daranak and Batlag Falls

Daranak and Batlag Falls are nearby alternative places to beat the heat of the summer. Here is a guide that can [hopefully] help you:


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Batlag Falls

Just across a bamboo bridge in Daranak, we found this alleyway to Batlag Falls. We have already read it somewhere, but we never thought we can get there through Daranak. This is another entrance fee we are talking about, but we went on anyway because the people from the main gate told us that it is more quiet up there.


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Daranak Falls

Philippines is a tropical country and because of that, it is mostly warm during the year, especially in summer. This year is no different. In fact, the temperature reaches a high of around 40 degrees Celsius (but that’s not considered warm, is it?)

What can you do to beat the heat then? Go to the beach such as Boracay, Palawan or Cebu? Go to cold places like Tagaytay or Baguio? Absolutely great ideas! However, if you have a limited time, or a limited budget, what do you do?


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